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check-in in your villa Marbella





The check-in (from 4pm) and check-out (within 12pm)  are free of charge.

Different timing may cause extra charges.

The availability of different timing depends on the previous and following booking schedule

Late check-out and early check-in availability is displayed only close to arrival (72 hours prior check-in). Please visit your booking page for more details and to book your check-in.

The early check-in is available when there was no check-out on the same day of your arrival. In case there will be a check-out on the same day, we need to clean the villa from 12pm to 4pm but, only in this case, you could drop your luggage free of charge from 12pm.

The night check-in have an extra cost for the staff member to come out of office time.

A staff member will be welcoming you at the villa.  

It's mandatory by law to scan your passport or ID and you have to sign the check-in document by law, the same as you are use to check-in in any hotel.

This means that, in  case you planned to schedule different arrival timing for the members of the parties, one of the staff members should have to come back for a second or third time to collect the signature; each of the additional procedure would cost 30 euros.​ Please take a copy of the passport of the guests scheduled to arrive later on the day. We do scan the code at the bottom of the page which must be very clearly readable.

For the villas located in the gated communities, the guards at the entrance may need your name and surname to allow you to be admitted through the gates.​

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The staff member in charge might have another check-in scheduled after your check-in and we cannot offer more than 30 minutes of grace period before moving away to another task.​


You are welcome to select any timing for your check-in and check-out.

Any delay, beyond the 30 minutes of grace period, will be charged at 30 euros per hour or even rescheduled at the first available slot and you might be force to wait for entering the villa if all the staff members were busy with other check-in or check-out..

- It takes on average 50/60 minutes from the airport to the villas. ​

- The waiting time for the checked luggage in the hold is about 20/30 minutes.

- To rent a car could take easily 60 minutes or even more after landing (in finding the rental garage and manage the procedure with the queue).

- Please consider to add-on, at least another 90 minutes on top of that if you want to stop for shopping groceries or drinks. 

The traveling day is very exhausting, you booked a villa to relax and enjoy. Avoid any stress of the self-catering at least on the first day. Hire a private chef the service includes also the pre-stocking service.


It could take up to about 1h 30min/1h 45min hours to arrive to the villa after landing if you carry just the cabin bags and you move straight to the villa having a transfer booked.​

Please send us a, text message or WhatsApp at +34 666 210376 to let us know when you leave from the Malaga airport. Please send us an email or a message before the take-off if the flight was delayed; we could have the chance to reschedule our activity without charging you any extra amount

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check-in holiday villa Marbella

Documents and payments


The regional law requires to scan the passport or ID for each of the guests aged over 16 and take a signature on the check-in module.

It takes from 15 to 20 minutes (depending of the number of guests in the party) to add all those info in the forms, take the signatures and submit to the police's website.

The keys delivery will be subordinated to the full payment of the rental fee and the payment of the damages deposit exectly as agreed on the booking form.

The rental fee and the damages deposit have to be settled accordingly to the method detailed in the booking form; the staff members cannot manage credit cards payments upon arrival. In the villas only cash payments are admitted and for the legal amounts. Any different kind of payment have to be fully settled and cleared before the arrival on your booking page via credit card.

Condition of the villa upon arrival

We don't want to disappoint you so please have a tour of the property with our manager.

That's the right moment to ask for any intervention when needed and take note of any damage you may find in place.

The manager will show you how to use the facilities and amenities. Please listen carefully and take a video of the the most tricky parts if that could help you more than the user manuals.

Ask again if the explanation was not plain and clear enough. We will repeat for the needed times.

Please refer to the FAQ and terms and conditions for more details.

Check-out and damage deposit refund

The check-out is scheduled within 12pm on the departure day.

The manager will arrive 30 minutes prior arrival. Please, verify the house conditions prior your departure with the manager; let the villa empty of people and items, 30 minutes prior departure to permit to assess the condition before you leave and to calculate the electricity usage and any payment due for service if any.


We can charge the owner only when any required intervention was needed for failures or break down, otherwise we have to charge the guest. 

Please listen carefully to the explanation about how to use the feature and amenities and respect the scheduled timing for the check-in and out.

We do understand that you are on holiday and you want to be flexible and offering a luxury experience.

Basically you can do almost everything you like with the timing and we are always on disposal for any of your needs but we want you to be aware in advance about what is included for free and what is available for an extra charge. 

Our concierge is happy to take your calls for extra services at any time from 9.00am to 9pm.

We wish you a very pleasant holiday!

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