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Magellan is the app for the holiday planning. step 1 the selection of the villa for your accomodation in Marbella and Puerto Banus. step 2 the transferv from and to the Malaga airport. Step 3 the services like the BBQ chef, cocktail masterclass, cheeky butler, balloons, and the besr cheap rate

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You will receive only offers for the suitable villas.

You can then book or submit a counter-offer.

The offered villas will be displayed also in the planner and you will be able to set up plans with villas an services

The marina of puerto banus Marbella where you can enjoy a vibrant night life thanks to Hedo villas
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Set your budget and guests number

In just 1 minutes you can create your holiday plan, from the villa to the add-on experiences.

You can create various plans, this can be also a simulator to calculate how to squeeze out the most value from your money.

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