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Booking policies

We do offer 3 different booking policies:




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Do you have a travel insurance?

The fixed dates are discounted

This is the cheaper rate

The dates are fixed and cannot be changed.

We do recommend to cover your travelling risks with a travel insurance.

This rate is discounted compared to the base rate by about 25%.

Don't take any stress with the ongoing pandemic

You could change your dates, once, in case of travelling bans

This is the base rate

covid protection hedo villas

This is the base rate.

With the covid protection, you could change your dates once if there will be any travelling ban which, effecting also the vaccinated people, will preventing you to travel.

It doesn't cover for your personal situation regarding the vaccination or illness but only with regards to travelling bans imposed by the public authorities

Your holiday in total freedom

You could change your dates, once, at any time and for any reason

+25% over the Covid protection rate


With the flexible dates, you could change your dates once for any reason and at any time.

This rate might be more expensive, compared to the Covid protection (base rate) by about 30%.

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