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Villas to rent in Marbella and Puerto Banus 

Hedo villas Marbella luxury rental

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Villas to rent in Marbella and Puerto Banus with private pool


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The best deals are offered when:

  • you had still flexible dates,

  • only 1 weekend is in between your dates.

  • even cheaper when no weekends are selected at all.

  • Saturday to Saturday takes 2 different weekends and it is way more expensive than Friday to Friday.

All the villas have a private swimming pool and are located in prime location in Marbella or Puerto Banus (radius of about max 10 km).

Let the agents work for you.

Save your time and let the professionals do the trick for you, free of charge.



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Villa rifugio dei Cesari Marbella for rent
villa to rent with sea view and infinity pool Marbella Puerto Banus
Villa Artista Rental Marbella with private chef
best villa to rent in the golden mile Marbella
villa Cleopatra for rent Puerto Banus with private pool and hot tub
amazing villa to rent in Nueva andalucia marbella; private swimming pool

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The offers will be sent via email and an alert via whatsApp will be submitted too. All the offers are visible in your dashboard.

You can reserve your villa straight away. Effortless, you can choose one villa without having any doubt about availability and price or wasting time in searching.

You can try to submit ONE single counter-offer if the price was not as desired. The counter-offer can be accepted or rejected; don't be greedy!

The offers expire in 24 hours. We do adopt a flexible pricing strategy so the rates may change after the expiration date.



We are creating a website for each kind of holidays. Suitable villas, services and experiences to make your holiday the perfect stay. There are also section regarding the appropriate activities available in the surrounding area. 

We have a special plan for you

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Add-on all the services you like to create your own private and personal luxury hotel in a beautiful villa in Marbella, Puerto Banus

or the Golden Mile but bespoke for your party and your own preferences.

Private chef, house keeping, excursions, yacht, luxury cars, massage, transfers, bartender, butler in the buff, balloons decorations and much more also in very appealing packages.




Magellan is the smartest way to plan your holiday.

Take advantage of Magellan in planning every detail of your holiday

 All the offers will be automatically added to your Magellan page; you can create different plans with each of the villas and/or  different set-up of services, tracking the total budget and the per person costs.


SHARE with your friends

You can set-up a team. Create one or more holiday plans, starting with the total budget (or per person) and flights cost.

Then pick the villa and add-on services and experiences.

Last but not least, share with your friends and get their feedbacks.

For any question

Aladdin is the smartest way to search laser focused.

Aladdin is simple and intuitive interface which will help you in finding what you really need. 

Aladdin is a concierge service to set up your perfect  holidays

best rental villas in Marbella Puerto Banus
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